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I have some domains added to Cloudflare and when i do a DNS lookup on them i see 2 addresses begin 104 and 172 and i know they are Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

When i use command ping in windows command prompt for some domains i also get 104 or 172 IP but for some domains i get the same IP

Could you please tell me why i get this IP for some of domains not 104 or 172 using ping?

Thank you.

That IP is part of a Cloudflare ASN.

But why part of domains from my Cloudflare panel when i ping them have the same IP 104 or 172 as from DNS lookup and part of them when i ping them have this which is not 104 or 172.

Can i change this IP to 104 or 172 ?

No, the IP addresses are not something that are in your control with an :orange: DNS record. Why do you want to change it?

I have nearly 30 domains added to CF panel and when i check their IPs for example in tool Find IP Address Of Your Website, Server or Domain: Site24x7 Tools for all of them i get 2 IP addresses. One is 104… and second is 172… and every domain has different IP in panel.

But when i check IPs in other tool for example or i do ping test in windows cmd prompt i get one IP and for half of my domains i get the same 104 or 172 as from first tool but for half i get different, some third IP

This is example of 10 domains. First and second IP column is this first tool and third column is second tool or ping:

domain1 - -
domain2 - -
domain3 - -
domain4 - -
domain5 - -

domain6 - -
domain7 - -
domain8 - -
domain9 - -
domain10 - -

I wonder why this second half has third IP 188… and not 104 / 172? This is important for me because i have these domains added to some web service that rewards unique domain IPs and for that second half with third IP 188… i don’t get this reward because IP is the same.

No web service worth anything rewards unique IPs.

If that is really a requirement Cloudflare can provided dedicated IP addresses on their enterprises plan as a premium add on.

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