Cloudflare IPs not in Raw Access Logs

Hi - I’ve been using Cloudflare on a site for a while now. A month ago I set up a firewall rule to block countries other than the US. I still see traffic from other countries in Google Analytics, but non-US traffic has decreased significantly. If I try to access the website using a VPN set to another country, it is blocked as expected

From reading the forum I gather that all IPs in my logs should be coming from Cloudflare, but I don’t see any traffic at all coming from those listed IP addresses. Am I misunderstanding this?


May I ask if you’ve implemented a solution to resotre the real visitor IP in your log files at your origin host following the instructions from the article below? :thinking:

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Thanks for the response. No, I haven’t made such a modification. This site is on an Inmotion hosting VPS running on CentOs 7 if that helps.

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