CloudFlare IPs Hitting My Site

These IPs are hitting my site every hour to half-hour and I can’t figure out why. I got these IPs and tracked them back to CloudFlare IPs. The pages that are been hit are pages that aren’t live on the site anymore. They came to my attention due to a high number of 404 errors occurring. This is what made me look into this.

Could anyone tell me of a reason that this would be happening?

Is your site on Cloudflare?

If so, are you rewriting IP addresses?

yes, the site is on CloudFlare.
How do you mean rewriting IP addresses?

Then these are regular requests and you need to rewrite the addresses first.

Use the search for more details.

If you can see the complete request hitting your Origin server you should see the CF-Connecting-IP request header, which will tell you the actual IP address that is making the request.

You will hopefully also see a Referer header, which will tell you where they got the link (this header is not always present on requests, but you might be lucky). It could be you have an old link to the file on your own site, or somebody had an old link somewhere like social media, Google, etc.

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