Cloudflare IPs flagged by Google Captcha services

we are experiencing an issue when using CF DNS via proxies, it looks that the CF IPs are flagged by google captcha services, as the Captcha is throwing an error on Sentry & Rollbar and the login page ends up with a timeout.
By disabling the proxies on A and CNAME records and exposing our real server IP, the problem is resolved
Kindly check

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Are you having trouble with Google CAPTCHA on your site? Is your site properly configured to restore original vistor IPs?

our website is properly configured and it was working fine for the last months without any issue
As i said, disableling the proxing on CF makes the captcha api responding fine, enabling proxy gives the issue. So this has nothing to do with our site or our server.
Thank you

Good luck to you. I hope you are able to figure out out.

Thanks Epic, but nothing can be done on our end, it has to be fixed by Cloudflare team

Yes you are right, same thing is happening to me today, when users going to register on site, they are not getting google captcha box, when I tried to check through USA VPN it was working. When I turned off VPN issue appears as same as your are saying…

It should be Fixed between Cloudflare and Google.

yeah that was fixed that day I posted here but we wasted 1 day troubleshooting thinking it was an internal issue :tired_face:

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