Cloudflare IPFS gateway not able to resolve filenames with URL encoded characters

When using the Cloudflare IPFS gateway I stumbled across an issue. The gateway is not able to deliver data for filenames that include URL-encoded characters. I checked other public gateways, and they all are able to correctly return the data. So the problem seems to be on CF side.
I created a minimal test case:

While file1.txt is resolved correctly by the gateway, file2 .txt (note the space in the filename) will give this error message:
ipfs resolve -r /ipfs/QmSDi9i5WR1YUkfksMESBDHj21JyGqByVwTWZ3Btef33kc/file2%2520.txt: no link named "file2%20.txt" under QmSDi9i5WR1YUkfksMESBDHj21JyGqByVwTWZ3Btef33kc

This is a new error that hasn’t been there until very recently.

Anyone experiencing the same? Any Cloudflare staff here to look at the issue or forward it to the responsible technical people.

Thank you!

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