Cloudflare-ipfs DNS Setup for naked and www rewriting to https

I have our website hosted on IPFS at ZrRGn2KE1N6HXxe4jU1I_d4sVw1I4Q2SSHS_P3yNSoc.
A TXT Record has been add with the name _dnslink and the content of dnslink=/ipfs/QmZRidD5nYu2Z87o8F5ziqo7VgYAwoPxJq3a5aMgVLSENt we have also added a CNAME record with the name of @ and the value of Under the SSL/TLS app In Edge certificates I can see there are two certs *, lower down I can see Always use HTTPS is on and Lower still I can see that Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is on.

None of the rewriting is working and any request on the subdomain www is also not working
the only one that does work is

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