Cloudflare IP trying to access forbidden files

We observer timeout issue in our website (sobbanglay) intermittently and in back end I see following errors. I see the IPs are fron cloudflare as per IP locatin trackers. Can you please suggest what is happening here?

2021/08/23 13:42:32 [error] 31772#31772: *37185 directory index of “/var/www/” is forbidden, client:, server:, request: “GET /wp-admin/css/ HTTP/2.0”, host: “”, referrer: “

There are many IPs like this.

These are not Cloudflare requests but your regular visitors who connect via Cloudflare.

You need to rewrite IP addresses → Restoring original visitor IPs – Cloudflare Help Center

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Error 521: Web server is down

That is the reason we are so worried. We are getting website down issue and at that time we see those errors.

Website is up now, can you please try once to check sobbanglay,com?

Thank you. We will implement these.

Can you please suggest if this is any hacking attempt? I see lot of restricted files are tried to access. Also we do not have any link with binance dot com. No idea why they are accessing a site that is in Bengali!

Possible. You could use the standard Cloudflare firewall tools to block such requests, but for starters you should really rewrite the IP addresses.

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