CloudFlare IP to Point Domains

I am 100% sure this is a rookie question, so hopefully an easy answer:

I want to have a bunch of people point their domain names to my server for a “custom domain” feature. Ordinarily I think I’d just tell them to make an A record with my server’s IP. But how does it work with Cloudflare?

Thank you!!

I need some clarification. So are you saying that you host a server that other people point to with A records? And if so, you are looking to get those requests through Cloudflare? If that is the case, they would have to create CNAME records to a domain that you provide to get those requests passed through Cloudflare.

I am afraid that would not work in a Cloudflare context. If these people want their domains to go via Cloudflare they will have to add these domains themselves to Cloudflare. Then, they can simply point their domains to your server via A or CNAME record in their DNS control panel at Cloudflare.

It sounds like this isn’t something too big, so this may not be applicable, but if you’re a business and want customers to be able to CNAME your domain, check out Custom Hostnames/SSL for SaaS:

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