Cloudflare ip ranges list up to date?

Is the list here up to date: ?

I noticed some CLOUDFLARENET origin ips on my webserver who are not covered by the public ip ranges list.

I.e or
Are these addresses not related to Cloudflare or there is missing something?

The list of IP addresses refers to the proxies which will connect to your server. I presume you are saying these addresses showed up in your server log and I also presume you are rewriting IP addresses, right?

If so, these will be requests from users using Warp. As mentioned on that page, Cloudflare actually split addresses last year and assigned them to Warp.


The list is correct :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s it. Thanks a lot!
Is there any reliable public WARP ip list available?

I vaguely remember some API call, but don’t ask me details :smile:.

There was also a thread at IP Range WARP and the search might also have some details

But was most likely assigned.

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Essentially, if you get a Cloudflare address via the HTTP headers, assume it is Warp.

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Hehe yes, but to determine if it’s Cloudflare, I need to know the ip range. :stuck_out_tongue: in general is Cloudflare. The thread I linked also discusses this in more detail.

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