Cloudflare IP Range

Greetings Members,

I am a newbie to Cloudflare, I started adding a few sites in Cloudflare for free and really enjoying this.

I was wondering, that is there any way we can get IP other than IP range, because in my all 10 sites i got D-Class different IP of IP range

I was reading at that they have many other IP ranges available, so how can we get these IP ranges for our website?

Those are the internal IP addresses Cloudflare uses to contact your origin server. They are not the IP addresses the public uses to connect to your server.

Is something not working?

Respected Sir, I am glad to hear from you and your clarification that those are the internal IP addresses Cloudflare uses.

Is this possible to get an IP on my website other than IP range

My sites are working fine but wondering to get a different IP range.

That is an available add-on option for an Enterprise customer.

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