Cloudflare IP Range 2022

I have read a posts on this here but I am still getting an error when trying to add even a single IP address.

These are the latest IP addresses provided by CF. How do I fix these?

Neither of the screenshots show a single IP address, they show IP ranges written using CIDR notation.

Also, what are you trying to do? The Cloudflare IPs are unlikely to be seen by rules on your Cloudflare account.

Thank you for the reply. I am trying to add the Cloudflare IP range to the firewall to block all other IPs besides CF’s from accessing your VPS.

This should be configured on your origin server or firewall itself but not Cloudflare’s Firewall.

Any reference on how to do that?



Thank you.

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Okay so I have added the IP Addresses to the NGINX Server for port 443 & 80. I have also added the IP addresses to Wordfence. Is there anything else that I need to do in the Cloudflare settings for this work? When I tried it the last time, before adding the IP’s to Wordfence, I got attached error so I added the global access back.

Okay we cab close this ticket now. It was the IP address in Wordfence which were blocking the website. It’s all good now. Thank you.

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