Cloudflare IP on blocklist prevents e-mail from being delivered


I currently can’t e-mail customers with Microsoft Office 365/Forefront protection because an IP address that Cloudflare uses to serve my site is on a blocklist. When I mention the domain of send a link in an e-mail to my website, the e-mail bounces.

Support told me to contact Trust and Safety, which I did. Here is a timeline:

  • 24 feb 2022: Trust and Safety (T&S) asks what domain this is about
  • 25 feb 2022: I reply with the domain
  • 4 mar 2022: I send a friendly message to check if there is progress and if it’s possible to place the account in another IP
  • 4 mar 2022: T&S replies that they are working on it to halve it resolved asap and that an ip switch is not possible
  • 14 mar 2022: I follow up and explain that this is impacting our day to day business
  • 20 mar 2022: I reply that I can’t even e-mail support
  • 24 mar 2022: T&S replies that they are still working on it
  • 19 april 2022: The blocklisted ip is still blocklisted

I feel like I have used all my options and the only option is to disable Cloudflare. Are there any community members that had the same problem and can share tips on how to resolve this? I like Cloudflare a lot, but not being able to send e-mail is driving me bonkers.

Only the Trust & Safety team can assist as they are the only group able to see the details. I can see several tickets with Support, but escalations to T&S need to be addressed by that group.

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Yeah I guess that’s the case @cloonan. I sent another reminder last week, but didn’t receive any answer from T&S. It seems like they are either understaffed or just bad at communication. It’s very disappointing.

I’m figuring out how to rotate the IP myself, since support and t&s don’t want to do it. Maybe removing the domain from Cloudflare and adding it a week later will let it land on another IP.

So I created a new Cloudflare-account (separate from my paid account) and put the domain on it. That rotated the IP. That was easy! :smiling_face_with_tear:

There seem to be a lot of other topics about others having this issue with domains on blackblocklists too, with no resolution. I’m going to keep this updated on when I move the domain back to my paid Cloudflare account. Curious if that puts it back on the blackblocklisted IP.

Spam filters using the IP address of the website seems pretty flawed, especially with the vast majority of websites being hosted on shared infrastructure - I suspect this issue will happen again, there’s no shortage of Cloudflare IP addresses in


Totally agree.

But saying “oh well it’s a flawed system” to people who can’t e-mail doesn’t solve the problem which impacts my organisation. I can’t change the way the internet works, so we’ll just have to stick with other manners to deal with it. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.

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Doesn’t help that Spamhaus only allows the owner of the IP address (in other words, Cloudflare) to make any form of appeal - which includes demonstrating that they’ve removed the infringing content (i.e a phishing or malware website), that explains why it needs to go through Trust & Safety.

Hopefully your ticket gets some movement since I don’t think you’re the only person who’s going to get affected by it.

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Small update: after placing the domain on a new, separate account I tried to place it back in my paid account. Unfortunately that put it back on the blacklisted Cloudflare IP. I think it was too fast, because all old analytics data was still preserved.

I’ll wait 30 days and try again. Maybe there is some data purge that didn’t go trough within 48 hours. Since this topic will close 15 days after the last reply, it means I’ll probably have to make a useless post in it in the meantime. It is what it is. Thanks to who bumped the auto close time on this topic.

Ok it’s been a month and a couple of weeks. I just moved the domain back to my paid account. And it landed on a different IP which was not blacklisted. Yay!

Meanwhile the T&S team hasn’t updated the ticket and seems to be still ignoring it. They seem either very understaffed or very unwilling to help. I honestly don’t care all that much any more.

It’s disappointing, but at least there is a publicly documented way to fix this now.