Cloudflare ip is blacklisted



I have my domain dns under cloudflare and my ip is blacklisted.
Now when i sent emails they go under spam folders. DKIM and all setup is correct using SMTP service.

Can u pls suggest me some fix? maybe possible to change ip address on cloudflare?


Nicola Pigozzo


This comes up from time to time and the responses are usually:

  1. Cloudflare isn’t going to change your website’s IP addresses (there’s rarely a compelling reason to do so)
  2. Website IP address reputation doesn’t affect email delivery.

You’ll need to take a closer look at the reason email is going into spam folders. The test I use is:


Hi Sdayman,

thank you very much for your reply,

i tested several time with and i got score 10/10 but my email goes on spam folder.

I test with and i get my cloudflare ip blacklisted.

Now i am thinking that the only way to get a new ip from cloudflare is to reset my domain DNS and then re-configure DNS using Cloudflare. I tested once few months ago and Cloudflare gave me new ip address using this method.

Any suggestion welcome,


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