Cloudflare IP instead of mine in WP security authorization

Hi there
My site
It’s WP site.
I am very worried that in the panel which shows authorized users, I see not my current IP, but an IP CloudFlare
Why? Is this some kind of hacker attack or because I use SSL of CloudFlare??


I expect you are not restoring the visitor IPs

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Great thanks!
I wrote a letter to the hosting with a request to install one of the modules. I will report the result.

Hi, hosting technical support answered me that the mod_remoteip is enabled by default.
I installed the plugin Cloudflare for WP, and only after that I began to see my real ip in the authorization list on the site.
For other sites on other hosting this was not required.
But in any case, thanks for the fast help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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