Cloudflare IP in my Logs

I get a lot of bots on my site and people trying to use VPN’s and proxies to bypass paid content and today I noticed a CF ip that is acting a lot like a bot. Does CF offer services people could use as a bot or proxy in come way? I also thought it could be related to the edge caching or WAF I have running from Cloudflare as well. Is there anyway to tell? The IP is 2606:54c0:7680:11e8::e:2a7

Cloudflare offers Cloudflare WARP which is similar to a VPN, yes.

Unfortunately there’s not really a way to block it, especially since the IPs aren’t made public for this very reason.

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Okay gotcha. I will just submit an abuse complaint on it to CF then. Probably the only real option.

That IP is part of iCloud Private Relay, part of which is through Cloudflare
List of IPs is here:
They are through AS54113 - Fastly, AS20940 - Akamai, AS36183 - Akamai, and Cloudflare

We have clients who insist on them being blocked

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