Cloudflare IP in Apache logs but not in Cloudflare IP list

We have Apache setup to restore the real IPs using the article here:

This has been working fine, and we rely on the list of Cloudflare IPs here:

We’re seeing a few Cloudflare IPs show up in our Apache logs because they are not in the Cloudflare IP list, so the module does not read from “CF-Connecting-IP”

Here’s one of the IPs in question:

The Cloudflare IP ranges are:


And the IP above does not fall into the above subnets.

Interestingly, the IP does fall under which Cloudflare removed from its list on Apr 8 2021.

Anyone have any idea what this might mean? Is this IP still a Cloudflare IP?

This could be an IP used for Cloudflare Warp.
Those are managed by Cloudflare, but not in the list because traffic is user-controlled and can’t be trusted like traffic from the CDN.

Edit: My current Warp-IP is So your’s is definitely from the Warp address pool.


Like mentioned above - the public IPs list on is exclusively IPs that will be used for fetching your origin.

Anything else can be a number of other products, including WARP, which do not need to be allowed to talk to your origin directly.


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