Cloudflare IP in abuse IP database. NEEDS FIXING ASAP

Two IPs are reported in abuse IP. Few providers check the incoming IP against abuse IP API and block. So this needs fixing. I.e contact them and ask them to remove it

IP AbuseScore Hostname ISP 1 Cloudflare Inc. 3 Cloudflare Inc.

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It actually doesn’t require any action and the including of a Cloudflare proxy IP in the AbuseIPDB should have no effect on a properly configured server. The presence of any Cloudflare proxy IPs on AbuseIPDB are caused by reports by people who have not correctly configured their servers. Similarly, the only parties that will be impacted by the presence of Cloudflare proxy IPs in AbuseIPDB are others who have not correctly configured their servers.

Only proxied visitor traffic connects from that IP. Anyone using Cloudflare to proxy traffic to their website needs to ensure that they allow traffic from Cloudflare IPs by explicitly allowing them.

It is also important to restore visitor IPs to avoid reporting the irrelevant Cloudflare proxy IP instead of the original connecting IP.

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