Cloudflare ip got blocked by Cloudflare?

I’ve been looking at firewall reports and the most blocked IP (20 time more than other IP) is


which is part of AS132892 (Cloudflare).

The reason is Rate Limiting.

Do you have a site on Cloudflare which is configured for the IP address of that server?

What do you mean?

My website is using cloudflare, the rules in use are most of the default. All the websites use IPV4 protocol, not IPV6 so no.

What is your site? And post a screenshot of the issue you believe to have.

That sure sounds like your server isn’t configured to look at the Visitor IP headers.

this is the screenshoot.

P.S the url does not exist in our website.

You best contact support and clarify where that request came from.

The request does seem to have come from Cloudflare’s network, however the absence of any user agent would suggest it was not one of the regular (uptime pings, etc.) requests. Another explanation might be someone using Cloudflare’s Warp VPN, however in that case the client’s IP address should still show up, so that should be an unlikely scenario as well.

Best to contact support.

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Thank you! We will do that, have a nice day!

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