Cloudflare IP changes notification

When the CF IPs change what email address will be used to notify me? Is it possible to configure notifications so that multiple email addresses receive that notification?

Do you mean the IPs for your own account DNS records, or the Cloudflare IP address pools?

The first one doesn’t really matter, it’s normal for the proxy IPs to change from time to time. They are anycast so shouldn’t cause any issues.

For the second one, they don’t change very often. I’m not sure if there’s a notification mechanism but we’ve written one for internal use that we may make usable for others later.

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Thanks, the second variant. We saw that they don’t change often but we use them to allowlist requests so if they change we need to know.

According to CF docs we will get an email about it which is great but we’re not sure who will receive it because if it goes to the billing email, that team won’t know what to do with it

While the documentation doesn’t mention which email addresswill be notified, I would expect the account owner email that has the superadmin role will receive the notification. Scripting your own check to see if the downloadable files have changed may be worth considering as an additional mechanism.

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