Cloudflare IP blacklisted, will it impact my SEO?


My website is using Cloudflare free services, Cloudflare IP attributed to my website is

I have a red warning with this IP here:

And here:

Does this impact my SEO or anything?

Thanks for your help

The vast majority of such lists are used solely to either reject email transmissions, or used in spam filters to add (or remove) a score, which will count towards the final score, that decides whether or not to put your email in e.g. the Inbox or Junk folder.

Since the IP addresses of the Cloudflare HTTP Proxies aren’t used for emails traffic at all, and as such, for none of your email traffic either, you should simply ignore it.


That IP address is listed as one known to not ever run email service. For a website, the listing is nothing to be concerned about.


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