Cloudflare IP Addresses for ASIA region location

Does anyone have any idea specific IP ranges of Cloudflare that serves ASIA region users?
I would like to whitelist all the IPs but apparently our third party provider said there are too many IP addresses to be whitelisted and asked to specify only a few.

:wave: @umara,

Cloudflare operates an anycast network and sends users to the POPs closest to them. So those users could be connecting anywhere in the world to a Cloudflare POP and the connection would come from IPs in use in that Cloudflare POP.

Cloudflare doesn’t break down their IP address ranges in use by region. There aren’t that many entries for your 3rd party provider to list unless they don’t know what they are doing. If they are using IP tables they can follow: and if they are using another tool they have wasted more time telling you they can’t then it would take to just enter the IP addresses



Good Day OG,

Thanks for the response provided.
I’ll try to convince them to whitelist all IPs then.
:crossed_fingers: they wont give other reasons to not perform the whitelist :sweat_smile:

Only reason I can see is if they use a very rudimentary firewall that doesn’t accept CIDR notation. That would be a true horror!

Yeah cant imagine someone doing that.
Not sure if there are still firewalls that doesn’t support IP blocks/ranges :thinking::thinking:

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