Cloudflare ip address is incorrect. Need correct ip for dns proxy to point to

My website went down unexpectedly and I found that the ip address the dns was pointing to for the proxy is incorrect. Where do I find the new ip to enter. The web site works if I bypass the proxy, but using the proxy is the whole point of using Cloudflare. Does anyone know where this ip address can be found? The dns has it incorrect. Thanks!

The IP address that you get from a DNS lookup of your host are always going to be Cloudflare if your DNS record is :orange:. Even if you change the IP of the origin server, the ones in Cloudflare won’t change.

If you need to update the IP, then you need to get it from your origin service or server.

i have to change that cloudflare had set for my domain because i suddenly, after three years, started to get errors that there is a conflict with the IP. my web host provider tells me the only option i have is to bypass the proxy by changing my root of my domain to the web sites actual ip address and bypass cloudflare. i don’t trust that solution and need to know how to get an ip from cloudflare that does not have conflicts. I don’t see where I can contact Cloudflare to fix this unless I upgrade the service I have with them. I don’t want to upgrade. Is there any way to get a working IP without upgrading?

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What happens when the proxy is active? Do you see any errors?

I get an error stating there is a conflict with the ip address. Error 1000.

:point_up_2: Click that to learn what is happening and what you need to do to fix it.

Thank you!

This helped!


I spoke too soon. Right after I replied, all access to the website went down again. The dns is not working and my host, Bluehost said it is nothing to worry about as it will re-propegate and everything will be fine. The site has been down for 18 hours and I am getting rather nervous with is seeming to be up and down like a yo-yo. I guess I will find out tomorrow if what Bluehost is talking about is correct.
Bluehost claims the ip addresses do not have to be the same and that it will be fine with only changing it on the Cloudflare side.
They had me change the ip to the website shared ip address and take off the proxy claiming it will still be protected. But I se the shared ip address belonging to Bluehost when I do an nslookup now. But I can not reach the website.

This short overview may help make sense of what happens when you request your site.

I just chatted with a tech at Bluehost. They had to turn off my Cloudflare CDN because it does not work with their web hosts. They offer no solution on how to add a proxy to the web server ip address.
If anyone uses Bluehost, be aware that your site can become unavailable due to the failure of the Cloudflare proxy setup on the Bluehost servers. I have lost over 24 hours on my site so far and am told it can now take up to 48 hours longer. That is to update North America. Who knows about the overseas servers.

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