CloudFlare IP Address Blocked By ISP

When i use Google DNS to resolve my domain it responds with 2 IP address provided by Cloudflare.
Analyizing with Wireshark found out that one of them Dose not respond at all.
which leads to slow response up to 10 seconds untill browser switch to the other IP address which is responding normally.
when i used Cloudflare DNS it resolve my subdomain with 2 different IP addrsss than resolved with google DNS. and both are resonding fine…
Trace route from the internet to that IP working on the fly
Trace route from my Internet Connection found out it is blocked at my ISP.

Any suggestions? for Unblocking that IP? or Changing google DNS records to match Cloudflare DNS response?

What’s the domain?

But in short, you can’t change the address (save for adding the domain to a different account) and you’d need to address this to your ISP.

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Thank you for your response

Actually I checked with several ISPs in Egypt.
IP address is blocked among nearly all ISPs.
Only few networks can ping it.
also i checked the whole subnet i thought it might be routing issue.
but that is the only IP unreachable.
Please Advice.

As I mentioned, you will need to address this with the ISP. Cloudflare can’t do anything if they block the address.

Again, what’s the domain?


Your best bet may be this.

But you have no guarantee that any new address won’t be blocked either. You really need to talk to the ISP.

the problem is that it is not one ISP… Nearly all ISPs blocking that IP for DSL network…
Only Few Subnets reaching out for that IP Address… So i don’t know how i am going to cotact all these ISPs.

The Thing is that Goodle DNS respons with this IP address.
and Most of Egypt use as DNS.

So if there is away to update Google DNS with different IP range like the One Cloudflare respons With -

Well, these are perfectly fine address blocks and the ISPs should not block them to begin with. I am afraid that’s really something beyond the control of Cloudflare.

Maybe talk to Google and they can resolve to the usual 104 addresses, but again, that’s not a Google issue either. There are plenty of countries which impose blocks and that’s some specific to the country.

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