Cloudflare IP address blacklisted

The IP address associated with my site’s cloudflare is blacklisted and I have no idea why! What should I do to have it changed?

When I looked up at spamhaus it said you need to contact your DNS provider to change your IP address! When I contacted them they transferred me to community support!

Can someone direct me in the right direct?

Thank you so much for your support in advance! Any help is appreciated!

Sure thing!

Reading through the search for IP address blacklist I think the IP address blacklist issue gets resolved over time by itself? Meaning after some time the IP address associated with my domain will either be removed from blacklist or my IP address will be changed by cloudflare.

Please correct me if my understanding is not right?



I have a similar issue:

I received a Wordfence email alerting me to my site being blacklisted per a scan.

" Your site IP address is blacklisted by a spam filtering service" Error

According to SpamHaus Project I should refer this error to the hosting company to request removal. Here is the SpamHaus information:

I do not have a paid plan for Cloudflare support and do not know how to proceed.



Please use the search link I posted. This issue has already been discussed several times.

Where is the link at? Thanks, Stephen

Hi @auction-savvy,

Quoting @sdayman’s previous post:

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When I conduct a search I end up at the post I just replied to. How do I find the root post?


There isn’t one “root post”, but a lot about similar issues.

Here are the first few from the search page linked to:

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