Cloudflare IP address being blocked as SPAM host by abuseat

We are having some mail rejected by remote mail systems which are identifying a Cloudflare IP address as a SPAM host. The IP is a shared IP address, it’s not ours so how do I get Cloudflare to correct this ?
The IP is resolved from a link in the e-mail to one of our domains, we use Cloudflare for dns and cache.

The error is:

550 5.7.350 Remote server returned message detected as spam -> 521 A URL () in the email resolved to a blacklisted IP: 521 The IP is Blacklisted by cabuseat. Your email looks like potential SPAM and has now been quarantined. If your email is urgent then you should contact the recipient by some other means. locked

Listing at abuseat says:

The infected host name is " www dot phxresidential dot com "
I can’t contact the site - Cloudflare need to look at this please.

I guess emails linking to digitalocean, naturebox, discord, quizlet, etc are also being blocked by abuseat? An estimated 5% or so of all HTTP traffic goes through Cloudflare so they’re at a loss if they decided to blacklist CF ip addresses.

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They can and have blocked it but all it means to me is Cloudflare is not useful for anything other than DNS. I’ve got to make sure our sites and mail works and that means turning off the caching.

I’d appreciate a comment from Cloudflare themselves - is this a regular occurrence or a one off ?
Also if I upgrade to an enterprise account do I get a dedicated IP ?

What would you expect Cloudflare to do? Kick out sites mentioned in spam?

AFAIK not dedicated to you, but dedicated for Enterprise account, but still shared.

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