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I am at Ionos in a shared hosting. My site is starting to be greedy (lots of articles) and journalist visitors: 500 per day with periods of 800 unique visitors per day.

I will switch to a dedicated accommodation. And in the dedicated accommodation from IONOS there is a CDN with Railgun (Ionos goes through Cloudflare)

Do I have to make changes or not?

Thank you


Je suis chez Ionos dans un hebergement mutualisé. Mon site commence à être gourmant ( beaucoup d’articles ) et des visiteurs journalier : 500 par jour avec des periodes de 800 visiteurs unique par jour.

Je vais passer à un hebergement dédié. Et dans l’hebergement dédié de chez IONOS il y a un CDN avec Railgun ( Ionos passe par Cloudflare )

Est ce que je dois faire des modifications ou pas ?


500 visitors a day through Cloudflare should not be much of a load on your server. Is something not working?

Hello !
Thank you for your answer. I do this because the speed of my mobile site is slow (43/100) See: .fr% 2F

Yet I did everything: Wp Rocket, Imagify, Asset Clean, Cloudflare (free).

I have + 200 posts of around 1500 words (quality article) (images over 200 too).

I don’t see what I can do to improve the score.

By reading some blogs on the subject, I miss more than putting on a dedicated hosting. This will improve my score and also exceed my competitors.

Thank you for your opinion which will be appreciable!

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