Cloudflare Invalid EPP Codes

So for months off and on I’ve been attempting to transfer a domain from Cloudflare to Hostgator. I’ve obtained maybe 15 or more EPP codes from Cloudflare and passed them to Hostgator. Unfortunately, none of the EPP codes have been valid so every attempt to transfer the domain has failed. I’ve tried every remedy suggested by Cloudflare but nothing has worked. I’m truly at wits end. Can anyone suggest any method at all to transfer a domain without having the ability to obtain a valid EPP code?


I will escalate this ticket for my colleague to assist. Are you still encountering this issue?

I noticed there is an icann hold Domain Status: clienttransferprohibited (

Appears that canceling the transfer in order to reset the code by re-locking the domain and then unlocking it again in order to generate a new code is effective.

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I have already tried that and it DOES NOT work.

@user46110 do you have a recent ticket regarding this issue? I do not see one and would like my team to take a look at the cause of this. If you open a ticket via support AT cloudflare DOT com and share the number here, I’ll escalate it for my colleagues.

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I tried opening ticket for about 4 months but nothing ever got resolved
so I decided to try the community. I’d really like to lodge a complaint
with ICANN but frankly don’t believe that would do any good either.

Cloudflare has my domain and is either refusing or unable to let it go
effectively breaking the way Internet is supposed to work.


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I do see those tickets.

The most recent ticket indicated this worked for you relocked the domain and then unlocked it again obtaining a new EPP code and the ticket is closed.

I was in the process of opening a ticket on your behalf @user46110 but I am uncertain as to what domain to enter for the ticket? I only see one zone in the account you are using here. (were you able to move the others ok?)

As such, it may be better for your to open a ticket, let the engineers know the domain you’d like to transfer and report any issues you encounter. Sorry for the trouble.

If you contact Support from the email that owns the account and share your ticket number here, I’ll escalate it for my colleague to address this afternoon.

To open the ticket, you please email support AT cloudflare DOT com.

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My domain has still not transferred to hostgator after 6 MONTHS of failed EPP codes. I have followed the instructions to turn transfer OFF and then back ON and obtain a new EPP code. I have done this several times but each time Hostgator tells me the EPP code is NOT valid.

Why can’t Cloudflare generate an EPP code for the transfer and send it directly to Hostgator??? Why am I stuck in the middle for 6 MONTHS with NO RESOLUTION???

The ONLY thing Cloudflare has done in 6 MONTHS is to CLOSE THE TICKETS!!! Unresolved!!!


Ah! Your domain is registered at

So you would have to generate the EPP code from
I believe it’s a reseller website, which means if the EPP code is showing not valid then the prob is with the reseller website not with Cloudflare or Hostgator, let me know if you have any more problems.s

Can you verify the domain in question @user46110? Did you check for any ICANN rules that may prohibit a transfer? (new domain, recent transfer, recent update)

I’m sorry but it appears I gave an incorrect domain. The problem domain is and there are no ICANN rules that prevent it from being transferred. In fact, I’ve enclosed a complaint that I have filed with ICANN pointing out the is in violation of their contractural agreement with ICANN.

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