Cloudflare introducing latency for large uploads?

I operate a website that receives file uploads from users. When I have Cloudflare enabled, I am seeing about 5 seconds of extra latency for responses from my server in response to a 32MB file upload. This latency is otherwise not present if Cloudflare is not enabled. I’m confident this latency is not due to my application’s code. I believe there is something slow before my application receives the request and file…

If it helps, my upload limit is set to 100MB and I am on the free plan.

Any insight or help with this would be greatly appreciated!


Cloudflare doesn’t add latency, but chances are adding Cloudflare slowed down file uploads. Cloudflare is a full layer 7 proxy, meaning that there will be some general overhead that reduces throughput; but even at that reduced speed it doesn’t matter for most websites since files are often cached and the maximum speed doesn’t matter when serving webpages.

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There could be added latency because of which Cloudflare PoP you are being routed to, but not 5 seconds of latency.

You can check which COLO you are being routed to by visiting

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