Cloudflare intercepting my domain

I have a domain which has worked fine for years but yesterday a Cloudflare page shows instead of my domain. I can’t seem to get any help from support and I am stuck. Help…

Was this domain previously using Cloudflare’s Nameservers?

Looking at, it seems like the nameservers are pointing to bigcommerce and livedns. The history of the domain seems to indicate it hasn’t ever been using Cloudflare nameservers:

But today, the DNS A record for the domain was updated to point at an IP managed by Cloudflare:

I would talk to your domain registrar/hosting provider about this, if it’s not something you did yourself. They’ll likely be the only ones who can resolve this.

You should probably contact your hosting provider of the domain name in question. If they are using Cloudflare’s services to provide security and performance the configuration management and origins behind the service are theirs.

Ah - so that’s a cloudfale IP - I got that from BigCommerce - it’s a BC shop. the shop is here - and it’s what the domain should resolve to. Sounds like BC use Cloudflare now - so I need them to add the domain perhaps.

1 Like is an IP address owned by BigCommerce, but they are likely allowing Cloudflare to advertise it on their behalf from their network.

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