Cloudflare integration with SiteGround thought DNS routing

I have my domain/subdomain hosted on Siteground and my application published on Azure and I want to use Cloudflare as a security layer (DDoS, bots, WAF) to protect my application.

Is it possible?

I was thinking on something like this:

Internet (requests) => SiteGroud (Domaind host) => Cloudflare securit (WAF, DDoS, etc) => Azure App Services.

I want to do it only for the specific subdomain not for the whole domain.

Is it possible to achive this only with DNS routing though the services?

I know that between Cloudflare and Azure is possible but I don’t know if this integration between SiteGround and Cloudflare thought DNS is possible. I conldn’t find any tutorial in the internet that does that configuration.

Please help me with that.


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Cloudflare will be the first stop between your vistors and the origin server. It won’t sit between SiteGround and Azure. Unless you are in a business plan or higher, you won’t be able to connect only a subdomain either.

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