Cloudflare installed correctly but now slow and causing errors


I installed Cloudflare on a site last week to try out and improve performance on this particular site which is high media at

It looked ok to start but the past few days it’s been really slow, and occasionally comes up with an error.

On the home page the logo is skewed for some reason too as a result of cloudflare.

I have also noticed, on for instance the “our work” page, where there are videos that load on hover of each “tile” on the page. they should not load until hovered, they are also set to preload=metadata on the video tag but it it seems that the videos are all loading on page load now since installing cloudflare which i guess would make it slow down more. Does Cloudflare somehow override this?

Any help is appreciated as I want to know if these are just settings I have wrong or if I need to find another solution other than Cloudflare.

Thanks in advance

It wouldn’t let me add the link to the post above its: friction collective dot com

Your site generally seems to load fine. Performance issues typically have to be fixed on the server, as Cloudflare can’t influence that.

Which error?

Logo seems to be all right


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