Cloudflare install best practices

I need to change my website Cloudflare. What is the best way to change to Cloudflare without any downtime. The last time I changed my nameservers I had 3 days downtime.

The current domain is a 3rd party registrar pointing to GoDaddy. If I change the name servers from GoDaddy’s nameservers how does the domain also point to the server?

Great, thanks.

When you sign up for Cloudflare you only need to make sure it imported your DNS settings correctly. Additionally (to avoid any possible proxy related issues) you should set your DNS records to :grey:. Then you change the nameservers and wait until they have fully propagated. Once that is done you can tweak your DNS settings and set applicable records to :orange:, if desired.

Cool, thank Sandro. Am I changing the nameservers only on Cloudflare or also on my domain or server?

You cant change them at Cloudflare nor on your server. You have to change them with your domain registrar.

Alright, if I change my domain nameservers I will have downtime. How can I avoid this?

If I change my nameservers on my domain how does my domain also point to my server?

As I already said, as long as you make sure all DNS records were properly imported you wont have any downtime.

Alright, how does the domain point to the server when the domain is pointed at Cloudflare?

The nameservers point to Cloudflare. The host entries (within the control panel) will have to point to your server.

Alright, thanks. How does this have no downtime where there is usually a 24-72 hour propagation period when changing nameservers?

It will either go to your previous nameservers or to Cloudflare’s. Both should have the correct DNS records, if configured correctly, and hence it should all point to your server.

Cloudflare becomes your new nameservers, (re)directing the traffic for your domain. Like @sandro said, just make sure your DNS entries match. Then make the nameserver switch.

People with the old nameservers cached will get the dns information from the old nameserver to load your site. New visitors (or expired nameserver caches) will get the dns information from Cloudflare and still get your site. There is no downtime.

The only caveat is SSL. Do you have SSL currently? Can you post the website URL here?

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