CloudFlare Inside Waterfall On Pingdom & Gtmetrics


Hello, guys

I tried cloudflare and it didn’t improve my website speed at all, so i deactivated it. However, when i check my website speed on pingdom and gtmetrics and go to my waterfall i see cloudflare things in there…how do i get rid on them?


Please post the URL in question. Then we can check it out for you.


Update - Sorry, guys just contacted my hosting about this and they told me if i link to a cdn image it will show up in my waterfall soo this could be the issue as i use the amazon associate link builder…


This is what shows on pingdom

There are 4 JavaScript files served from They should be combined into as few files as possible.


I can’t help you until I see the url of the page.


You don’t need to see my homepage or page, i just gave you all the information and data needed to give me a solution if you know of one. If you can’t, then will wait until some other member knows and provides me a solution.

These are the only CDN java scripts that show up on pingdoms waterfall, if you aren unable to give me a solution just by this then please move on and let other members help…



From the plugin you mentioned, I figure you are running WordPress. By the looks of it, you have a plugin or theme installed that references libraries from It is not something Cloudflare has injected on your page.

You can consult a developer that can help you identify and optimize this part of your site.


That’s not always the case. There are different ways scripts can get into your html. Iframes, scripts dynamically loading other scripts, etc. Letting us see the html source delivered to the browser would give us a clear picture of what it going on. And you’d have had an answer 10 hours sooner.

Best of luck with it.


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