Cloudflare injecting select2 css library?

Is there a setting that makes Cloudflare inject the select2 library into the page? For some reason I’m seeing the Cloudflare select2 css library loaded on my site (

It’s causing lots of css conflicts on my site. I tried to track down if a wordpress plugin was making the call but it doesn’t seem like it. Any help would be much appreciated!

cdnjs files are usually (pretty much always, I believe) called by a third party plugin. If you post the URL, we can try to track it down.

Thank you very much for the quick response! It gets loaded on every page of our site as far as I can see affecting form css. I’ve overridden the majority of the conflicts. But if you can help locate the source that’d be great!

It’s being called by your Hustle plugin (WPMU Dev?)

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