Cloudflare initiated domain transfer twice, now stuck?

I’m transferring a domain to CF, and I ended up getting 2 emails about it.
I thought was a transient bug until I saw that namesilo also got 2 transfer requests for that domain.

The Cloudflare UI only shows one transfer request with “Approval pending”. I’ve approved both requests, but the transfer has been stuck for a while. Other domains I’ve transferred completed in about 15 minutes once I approved it, this has been going for a few hours now.

What’s the TLD? My .com and other mainstream ones went through quickly, but I’m still waiting for my .xyz to go through.

Heh, it’s a .xyz as well.

Did you get two transfer requests?

No, just one. At 4:15 I got the “Transfer Underway” and “Purchase Confirmation” email from Cloudflare.
Just now at 6:01 I got the Authorization Request from Gandi. I approved the transfer and am now waiting for it to complete. Normally, the process takes 12 minutes for .com and .org. This is substantially longer.

It just completed at 6:19. So about a 2 hour process.

Hmm. Something weird is going on then.

Got the purchase email at 1:29PM, and the two Domain Transfer Requested emails at the same time.
The .com domains were completed at 1:45PM, so it’s been 5 hours and counting for me.

For what it’s worth, earlier this year, I had a transfer from NameSilo to another registrar show up twice in NameSilo’s “Pending Outbound Transfers” list and send me duplicate emails. I contacted their support and they fixed it and the transfer was fine. Overall everything took 1-2 hours.

Edit: I have no idea if the duplication posed a real problem or was just superficial.

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