Cloudflare India Routing is messed up

Cloudflare Routing in India seems to be very bad.

I am from CCU (Kolkata) and my site always routes through MRS. Even when I ping my domain it goes to MRS (170ms). And while testing ttfb on keyCDN tools it routes my traffic through FRA.

So I tested my site using and in three configuration, 1. Without any VPN, 2. WARP and 3. VPN through HYD (oracle).
These are the results.

Update: subscribed to argo and it instantly solved the problem.

It’s a known problem for India, such as…

ISPs can peer with Cloudflare directly, but if they refuse or charge stupid amouts to do so, traffic will route over whatever path the ISPs decides is the best/cheapest for their purposes.

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That’s something you need to contact your ISP for. Especially Indian ISPs often provide rather poor routing in this context, there’s even a dedicated tutorial at Deprecated - Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?

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Wow! That is bad. I had no idea.
But One question.
When i my VPN it routes my traffic though oracle Hyderabad. I still get colo- MRS. Does this mean peering between oracle and cloudflare is also bad? or they had to rely on indian ISPs to connect between colos

That’s an Indian VPN provider, right? Their peering will be about as good as your ISP’s I am afraid.

No no , I selfhost my vpn on oracle cloud. It i s a wireguard+pihole+uptimekuma setup

A traceroute from that machine will tell you how that is routed.

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Thank you. Found the problem. Oracle offloads the traffic on Airtel network (Indian ISP) It travels from South India(near sea) to Delhi(North, far from sea and over 1000km from South india) and from there it straight away goes to FRA to connect to cloudflare. Wow that is a nice routing. :slightly_smiling_face: