Cloudflare increasing Time to first byte (TTFB)

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Recently I was checking TTFB of my site and surprised to see CF dramatically increase TTFB while I use it (proxy). If I disable proxy and use CF just a DNS provider TTFB performance gets better. As a CDN it should take less time, but its opposite! Is it normal or I am missing something? Follow the images to see the difference.

Without CF:

With CF:

It’s normal if you don’t cache the HTML page as is the default. There is an additional hop in the path to the origin.

You need to cache the HTML pages via a Page Rule setting the Cache Level to Cache Everything for all the paths you are interested in (you can use wildcards).

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Thanks Matteo. Actually, I am using WordPress with WP-Rocket (caching plugin). Should I still need to do this as I already have caching plugin installed and configured?

Well that is caching at the Wordpress end, you need to cache for some time at the Cloudflare’s Edge unless you need constant HTML updates to the users.

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