Cloudflare Increasing Page Load Time

Kindly find the below image and help me to fix the issue.
The problem is, the first connection itself takes 1.6secs.

That’s through Singapore. Where’s your server?

Because cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC, it’s an extra hop as the visitor hits the SIN data center, which then has to connect to wherever your server is.

After that, though, the static content should end up in Cloudflare Cache and then lower your overall page loading time.

What was TTFB (first connection) before you added Cloudflare?

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The server is located in United States.
Since that is an HTML document. As you can see that is displayed as Slash…

It’s important to understand how the Cloudflare cache works:

In particular, this is critical: Cloudflare only caches based on file extension and doesn’t cache by MIME type. The Cloudflare CDN automatically caches files containing certain file extensions and doesn’t cache HTML by default.

If you want to cache the initial quest, you will need a Page Rule to enable “Cache Everything” for that page. You’ll also either need to set a proper cache header or add a TTL to the Page Rule. The page also seems to be setting a cookie, which won’t work if it is cached.

Hi Robert,
I can see a lot of general suggestions all over the internet from which I am confused a lot. Finally came here for the support. Please investigate from the waterfall and help me with a solution.
Thank You.

@robertcope’s solution is spot on. You can cache the page with a page rule. I don’t see any cookies other than the standard Cloudflare one, so it should be ok. Or maybe Robert gave it a more thorough look and found a cookie I didn’t see.

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@sdayman Ah, I honestly didn’t even look at what the cookie was, just that there was one being set… so, yeah, that’s probably not an issue… which is good.

@myilraj0005 if you want to share your origin’s IP address, we could try to confirm that it’s the issue. But my wild speculation is that it is a poorly performing host.

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@robertcope Server Ip:…
FYI, it is a dedicated server with 32GB Ram.
Cloudlinux Environment, Latest PHP 7.3, Maria DB, LiteSpeed Cache in WordPress, Cloudflare CDN.

Part of, if not all of the solution, lies in ridding yourself of the tracking scripts, combining and compressing the multiple external scripts and stylesheets, and upping cache time for various resources as shown in GTmetrix’s “PageSpeed” column and its “YSlow” column.

hi @intr0, all was done to the maximum and reached 100% in every element. My query is different, please understand that. I am asking for the support to find a fix for the first document. Please refer the image.

A request for content from Singapore to the United States where the origin is located is limited by the speed of light. Either the page should be cached using a cache everything page rule or the user should move closer to the origin server.

Same answer has already been given twice before.


Apparently not:

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