CloudFlare increases TTFB, then APO solves it?

ClouFlare generally adds additional TTFB to document since it doesn’t get cached on its edge. For example when an original document’s TTFB is 100ms, CF may add 500ms or more because the request first goes CF, then to the original server.

And APO is designed to minimize TTFB by caching on their edge servers.

What if…what if APO can only improve slowed TTFB to 200ms? Could such things happen? I mean, paying $5/month could still be slower than original server performance?


Nope, haha, it adds one RoundTrip with a additional latency of about 20ms to it. I can test this with my own website and yes its a bit slower then by requesting directly from your server as it have to be proxied but thats ok as ALL static assets are getting speed up and pageload therefore will be increased by much.

Please dont “what if” go try it :slight_smile: or compare wesites which use APO with websites which does not use APO and compare the results & performance

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Well, your site and my site are two complete different. If it works faster for you, then you are lucky. But I see significant increase of TTFB in Tokyo region. 500ms or sometimes CF ads 1 sec when things really get worse.

Well lets debug this.

Please test your site with GTmetrix when proxied (:orange:) through CloudFlare and when not Proxied (:grey:), then post the result links here and then we can compare and debug this

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