Cloudflare Incorrectly detecting APO for WordPress being installed


We tried out “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” over a year ago, unfortunately it didn’t provide any performance benefits to us so we cancelled our subscription.

Ever since, we’ve had numerous 404 issues with JS & CSS files and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the site, we even had the site re-built from scratch but the issues still existed.

After more investigation recently we figured out that the problem looks like it’s because Cloudflare is still incorrectly adding the response headers of cf-apo-via: tcache and and treating content as if we are still paying for Cloudflare APO…

If we look in Cloudflare, it correctly tells us that To enable APO for WordPress purchase the subscription or upgrade to the pro plan.

It informs me that APO runs against the following hostnames:,

It also suggests that the Plugin is detected on both and, which is incorrect. The plugin hasn’t been installed for many many months!

I contacted Cloudflare who at first didn’t know what the problem was, they assumed the WordPress Plugin was still installed even though I had informed them that we had uninstalled the plugin many months ago and had also stopped paying many months ago.

They provided a link to the API Documentation and then after I replied re-explaining the situation again, they provided some details suggesting to disable the APO via their API.

I tried to disable it via their API but of course it wouldn’t let me because we are not paying for APO for WordPress…

Eventually the representative provided a link to a Community post where a fellow user found out that the only way for them to fix it was to re-subscribe to APO, disable APO in the UI and then cancel the subscription.

Cloudflare are expecting customers re-subscribe to a feature they cancelled just to disable it… even though it should be disabled given that you are no longer paying for the subscription.

Cloudflare’s support are claiming that it’s “not a bug” and is instead intended functionality and that the issue is outside of Cloudflares control.

By that logic, Cloudflare believe that if you were to pay for one month’s worth of Spotify Premium and then cancel your subscription, after the remaining days of your subscription runs out your account should still show that you have Spotify Premium but won’t fully provide you with the premium functionality.

If a customer is not paying for a feature, the feature should automatically become disabled in the account. APO isn’t a one time purchase, it’s a subscription. Therefore as soon as the customer doesn’t renew their subscription it should be fully disabled Cloudflares side.

Suggesting that it is outside of Cloudflares control is completely incorrect, Cloudflare controls the entire subscription functionality so this is very much on Cloudflares side.

Cloudflare should really be fixing this Cloudflare side so that it fixes it for all customers who are no longer paying for APO.

In the meantime any customer affected should either have Cloudflare go ahead and disable APO on the account/domain when informed about the issue OR provide temporary account credit/upgrade the account to give the customer APO access so that they can disable it.

~ Ryan

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