Cloudflare incorrect status

We moved our Names Servers away from Cloudflare (CF) a number of days ago, however instead of CF showing “Moved” in the main dashboard UI it continues to show "Active”.

This is not correct.

Would you recommend removing our existing domains and adding them

The zone status will immediately change to “moved” only if the domain is activated in another Cloudflare account. Otherwise the status will keep showing “active” for a while.

However, since your domain will no longer be pointing to Cloudflare’s name servers, you can safely ignore this.

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Ta for the reply, however I disagree. I have seen our domain display moved within a few hours after updating our Names Servers from those of Cloudflare to those of our hosting provider. This happened to one of our domains last week.

If you are leaving Cloudflare feel free to remove the domain. If you aren’t leaving Cloudflare move your nameservers back.

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