Cloudflare incorrect geolocation for website is showing a website IP Address geo location from Spain, where other IP lookup sites shows the address from California. Does Cloudflare have the wrong geo location on this IP Address? How does this get corrected?

As here…

Note that if the IP address is anycast then location data may vary.

The website is not manage by us. So we wouldn’t have access to domain information for geo IP. We utilize Meraki security appliance in our network and our when our users visit the site they get a slow response from the website because we block Spain on the network. When checking maxmind it shows Spain as the geo location but other IP lookup sites shows the Cloudflare location from United States. Prefer to have the geo location of this site corrected so that we don’t have to have a firewall exclusion. Already chatted with Maxmind support and they pointed me to Cloudflare for support. Nothing they can change as Maxmind is getting ES for the Ip address from Cloudflare’s own geofeed, so they wont be making any correction.

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Cloudflare IP addresses will typically geo-locate to the United States, however, due to our any cast network visitors are routed to the data center closest to them, which means you will see improved SEO for the performance gains.

That being said, Cloudflare doesn’t manage the Geolocation of client IP addresses, we use an external provider. Which in this case is MaxMind, and if you believe there is an issue with the GeoLocation, please open an update of IP location ticket directly with them:

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