Cloudflare included in Windows11/Firefox Browser?

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Recently noticed Cloudflare is ‘The Provider’ enabled DNS over HTTPS in my settings of Firefox Browser on Windows 11 machine.

Is this a normal service included with Windows 11package or has this been installed after market? It wasn’t me who installed it and there have been a lot of strange happenings on my machine since purchase.

As well, what are the extent of services provided by Cloudflare? i.e. Cloudbased storage?

As well, where can I look on my computer to see if this was installed locally and when?

Thank you for any assistance which can be provided.

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It is a normal part of Firefox, that has being rolling out since 2019, and depends on your location.

You can find more information here:

In this case, just a DNS over HTTPS resolver. But Cloudflare has a large range of security, networking and performance products.

Thank you Michael for the fast and thorough reply! Piece of mind is priceless.

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