Cloudflare & Incapsula_Resource file causing major delays in load time

So I’m having some issues with optimization still and trying to use plugins on the website like Smush Pro and Hummingbird to help with this.

But I’m still running into major loading issues/delays because of a Cloufflare file titled:


According to my developer, most of the poor load time is caused by Cloudflare, but this file specifically is really delaying the websites load time by over 10 seconds

He said I may want to look into the WAF Web Application Firewall Settings?

This is all above my head, so I’m hoping someone here can help shed some light on these issues & help clear these optimization and load times up.


From the name, that is a different provider, Incapsula.

Can you provide the full URL to the file at issue?


I don’t have a link to the file, I’d have to ask the developer where it was located.

Would the website URL help?


I cannot replicate. A brief look at the site shows almost all of the assets are coming from a different CDN.

In the absence of anything to replicate, it’s back to your developer.

Hmm ok.

I wonder if that’s the Hummingbird plugin that I’m using for optimization.

I’ll look into it deeper with them and my developer and come back here if I need more help.

Thank you!

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