Cloudflare-Impersonator Phishing? Server errors detected

Hello everyone,

I got a scammy looking email supposedly from Cloudflare saying that the following:

In the last 30 days, your domain encountered a high percentage of server errors (408, 429, 502, 503, 504, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524):

Your domain — Origin errors as a % of total requests — 35%

It then immediately pitches Cloudflare load balancing without even showing me a link to analyze my errors.

I did not click on a single thing in that email. Especially given that nothing outside of this email has indicated performance issues.

From this community post in 2020 others had recieved the same email except with an error percentage of 54%.

Is this a phishing email?

If it isn’t, this is literally the scummiest marketing email I’ve ever seen.

Sounds familiar to me and I remember I got it too once last month, but deleted (do not know the reasony why) , because right now I cannot find it … I remember the exact domain for which it was stated as the domain is under my Cloudflare account.

But in the month when I received it, I checked the errors and know I have had some issues regarding MySQL server and older PHP code in a WordPress theme which had returned errors and obviously Cloudflare found them too, if it reffers to that 5xx errors from the origin of my domain, that could be it.

Have you checked your error log file at your host/origin for that one or more domains?

I cannot confirm it is phishing email.

@fritex Yeah, actually I was reminded that I had a duplicate A-record that was sending half of my traffic to the wrong place.

It was in the first half of February and I had forgotten about that after I fixed it smh.

So, the email is actually legit. However, it would help the credibility if it didn’t immediately try to pitch the load management upgrade smh.

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It is legit email from Cloudflare - found it yesteday :smiley: (domain and email hidden due to privacy respect)