Cloudflare impact on free domains - Are you impacted?

Starting 02/23/2022 Cloudflare will block free domains (.cf, .ml, .tk, .ga, .gq). You will get a “Domain is not registered” error when trying to add those domains. We have tested that today and some people tested that too.

A: How do i know if i am impacted?
B: If your domain ends in .cf, .ml, .tk, .ga, .gq that means you use a free domain and you are impacted.

That is the very first I’ve heard of that, please share a link to where you’ve seen this information from Cloudflare. Without a link, please remove the post.

For security reasons, we limited some TLDs from being managed through the API. From

What is accurate is that the DNS API cannot be used for domains with .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, or .tk TLDs. Use the Cloudflare Dashboard for managing such TLDs. Enterprise customer can contact Cloudflare Support to remove this limitation.

This has been previously discussed on this site, Unable to update DDNS using API for some TLDs - #11 by cs-cf.


This is not true. I just registered a Freenom domain and added it to my CF account. They take a while to actually get activated, but once Freenom have completed the registration they can be added to Cloudflare (manually).

The domain I added is, and Cloudflare are just waiting for Freenom to actually change the nameservers, but you can see it waiting on a NS change.

% dig ns
;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN	NS 86400 IN	NS
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Perhaps you’re getting the error because you’ve incorrectly tried to add the domain to Cloudflare nameservers. Pretty common error. But if you have a Cloudflare published source for your assertion then it might not have been simple user error.