Cloudflare Images "zero-storage plan" availability

The announcement from September 26 contains a tantalizing description of a “zero-storage plan” for Cloudflare Images, which should allow the use of the image resizing capability without paying for storage if it is not required. It even includes a screenshot of the plan selection screen with the prominent “Use my own storage” option shown.

Unfortunately, no such plan is available on my dashboard. The lowest tier of Cloudflare Images appears to have built-in storage billed at $5 per month. The “custom” storage parameter cannot be set to 0.

@asemiglazov stated in an earlier thread that there was an “unexpected shift of plans” as a result of the November 2 incident. I understand that the team must be dealing with various challenges, but I need to make some decisions about my current project and would appreciate any insight into the following:

  1. Was the introduction of the zero-storage plan delayed or abandoned? If it was postponed, can we get an idea about the scale of timeframe involved?
  2. If the zero-storage plan is still coming, will I be able to easily downgrade to it if I start a $5/month Cloudflare Images subscription right now?


  1. It was delayed. We are doing everything we could to make it live in January.
  2. yes, downgrade to no storage plan will be supported.
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