Cloudflare Images with WordPress

I would like to know how I can integrate Cloudflare Images and WordPress.

Is this possible?

unless you are developer it’s not possible

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What is the developer method or how would I go about implantation if I was a developer

With cloudflare API you can build a wordpress plugin for cloudflare image

I haven’t seen any projects yet about it.

The best I have seen was this for image-resizing.

GitHub - Mecanik/cloudflare-image-resizing: CloudFlare Image Resizing plugin for WordPress. for WordPress but this isn’t for image bucket hosting sadly.

Yes possible.

How? Either API or code the image URLs into your theme / posts / pages etc…


@sagestephens What are you looking to achieve? Many things are possible, but it is worth understanding if what you want is doable before going down the road. What sort of knowledge do you have already? Happy to help point you to the right resources. :slight_smile:

I dont want to host my images on my hosting to limit storage and to improve image delivery.

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