Cloudflare Images: What counts as an image serve?

Does anyone know what counts as an image served in Cloudflare Images?

Lets say I go to the url for an image on a device, and then I refresh the page / image 4 times.

Does that count as one image served or 5? Does cloudflare factor in that those repeat requests came from the same device?

Side note: It does not appear that images cache locally on devices.

That depends on if it’s loaded from your browser cache or not. They should have local caching on device. Maybe someone knows for sure.

But if it’s not loading from device cache, and it has to send the request to Cloudflare again, it counts against you.

Thanks sdayman. It looks like since it serves the image as …/public or whichever variation rather than a unique id for example it interferes with caching. At least thats what I’m thinking. I’m going to look into using CF Workers to rewrite urls so that images can be cached.

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re caching: oh gosh PEBCAK. It does indeed cache images. I was disabling cache in a different window’s dev tools for something else and forgot that if I open dev tools in another window it thinks I want to disable cache there too. :sweat_smile: Thanks for dealing with my ineptitude.


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