Cloudflare Images vs Image Resizing API

I’m evaluating Cloudflare for the image pipeline on a new project, and I’m having a little trouble understanding exactly what Cloudflare Images offers.

I know that it handles the full upload → serve pipeline, and that you can create variants on images. The docs also mention optimisation though, so would I need to add the Cloudflare Image Resizing API on top of Cloudflare Images, with it as an external src, to (for example) handle generating responsive image srcsets? In which case, what exactly is the point of Cloudflare Images over a basic, and much cheaper, storage bucket?

No. You can create defined Variants that are then requested by name to get the functionality you are looking for.

The primary difference is that Images offers an image storage solution. The main things currently lacking are being able to use you own domain name and customised path (which would need your own Worker to implement). Custom domain support is coming, but I’m not sure if custom URL is on the roadmap. Image Resizing also has an overlay capability which has not been announced for Images. Images also allows you to require signed URLs, which Image Resizing does not offer, but can be achieved with a Firewall rule or Worker.

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